Monday, March 11, 2013

Kaleidoscope of Water!

So, we got a comment asking why water appears as different colors in different environments. Well, small quantities of water appear colorless to the human eye yet, when its in larger quantities of water the tint becomes a darker blue.
Lakes and oceans appear blue for many reasons. One reason is that the surface of the water reflects the color of the sky. Some parts of the sea water can influence the shades of blue that the water looks, and that's why it can look greener or bluer in some areas.
 The water that is in swimming pools (contains chemicals) that have white painted walls and floor will appear as a turquoise color. The deeper the pool the darker the color. Scattering from suspended particles also play a big roll in the color of lakes and water. A few tens of meters of water will absorb all light, so without scattering, all bodies of water would appear black. Although the color of water has a lot to do with the way the light hits, it also looks very different depending on the angle you look and the height you are looking in the water.

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